Art Quote of the Day

“Visual observation is often our keenest form of awareness, but we have four other senses that are equally available to recognize and document occurrences.  Let’s find out just how strong one of those senses is!  Go to a place you know, a place that is familiar and relatively busy.  Bring a friend with you. Have your friend blindfold you and hand you a digital camera. Now, using your sense of hearing, take snapshots with the camera…. of sounds.
Don’t worry about focus, or even if you’re pointed in the exact right direction, just react to sounds and take picutres of them, or in their general direction.  Take at least twenty shots. You’ll be surprised at what you are able to observe sonically – and the photos might even be surprisingly interesting!

Denise Weyhrich, Orange, CA , from the book, CAFFEINE FOR THE CREATIVE MIND – 250 Exercises to wake up Your Brain by

Stefan Mamaw  &  Wendy Lee Oldfield

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