Art Quote of the Day

“Red is the boldest of all colors.  It stands for charity and martyrdom, hell, love, youth, fervor, boasting, sin, and atonement. It is the most popular color, particularly with women.  It is the first color of the newly born and the last seen on the deathbed. It is the color for sulfur in alchemy, strength in the Kabbalah, and the Hebrew color of God. Mohammed swore oaths by the “redness of the sky at sunset.”  It symbolizes day to the American Indian, East to the Chippewa, the direction West in Tibet, and Mars ruling Aries and Scorpio in the early zodiac.  It is the color  of Christmas, blood, Irish setters, meat, exit signs, Saint John, Tabasco sauce, rubies, old theater seats and carpets, road flares, zeal, London  buses, hot anvils, (red in metals is represented by iron, the metal of war), strawberry blondes, fezes,  the apocalyptic dragon, cheap whiskey, Virginia creepers,valentines, boxing gloves, the horses of Zechariah, a glowing fire, spots on the planet Jupiter, paprika, bridal torches, a chil’s rubber ball, chorizo, birthmarks, and the cardinals of the Roman Catholic church. Love is red. So is death, its counterpart. It is the color of fire and flame. Upon merely seeing the color red, the metabolic rate of a human being supposedly increase by 13.4%”

The Primary Colors – Alexander Theroux

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