Art Quote of the Day

“Yellow is a color, for all its dramatic unalterability, with a thousand meanings. It is , surprisingly, at least to me, a child’s first color preference.  Wallace Stevens called yellow the “first color”, with an attendant suggestion of decay and dissolution. (“the grass is yellow and thin”), but more often uses it affimatively, linked with the sun: “The sun is clownish yellow
.” It is the color of cowardice, third prize, the caution flag on auto speedways, adipose tissue,scones and honey, the nimbus of saints, school busses, urine, New Mexico license plates, illness, the cheeks of penguins, the sixth dog’s livery in grayhound racing, highway signs Penzoil, and the oddly lit hair before adulthood  of all Australian aborigines. Easter is yellow. So is spring, and much of the beauty of autumn. It is redolent of old horn, dead coins, southernwood, and the generous sun. It is the color of butter, arsenic, sponges, candlelight, starving lawns, translucent amber, and cathode transmission-emitters in electrical chassis wiring. It represents wisdom, illumination,intuition, power and glory, the hue of confessors, divinity, magnanimity, ripening grain, eternity, and the gates of heaven. In Egypt it is the color of happiness and prosperity.”

The Primary Colors – Alexander Theroux


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