Art Quote of the Day

“We can learn , among other things, that a life lived with art in mind might itself be a kind of art.

I have come to feel that everything, even the most ordinary daily  affair, is enriched by the lessons that can be gleaned from art: that beauty is often where you don’t expect to find it; that it is something we may discover and also invent, then reinvent, for ourselves; that the most important things in the world are never as simple as they seem but that the world is also richer when it declines to abide by comforting formulas.

And that it is always good to keep your eyes wide open, because you never know what you will discover.  The drive to live life more alertly  being an instinctive need, whether you are an artist by trade or by desire, the art of seeing well is a necessary skill, which fortunately can be learned.”

-Michael Kimmelman- from his introduction to his book, The Accidental Masterpiece – On the Art of Life  and Vice Versa


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