Art Quote of the Day

Q: M. Matisse, how do you see an orange?
A: It depends on if I am going to buy it, eat it or paint it ”
– Ray Bethers-

The circle is one of the world’s most enduring and meaningful images. As the great American Indian philosopher Black Elk said, “Everthing – the power of the world- is done in a circle” He noted that the sun and moon are circles as well and even the wind at its most powerful whirls. The seasons, he said, form a great circle in their changing and always come back again to where they were.   -source unknown-

2 thoughts on “Art Quote of the Day

    • I’m glad you like the new homepage picture. Just between you an me , Tom had the idea that I should change it just a little bit each day ,save each one. And then after a bunch of them,video them so it becomes an animated video , changing right before our eyes! NeAto huh?

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