Art Quote of the Day

The following quote is taken from a book called Inside the Painter’s Studio by Joe Fig. The same set of questions was asked of a number of artists and the answer I was most interested in was to the question , ” do you have a motto or a creed that, as an artist ,you live by?” All of the artists interviewed had great answers, but this answer by Bill Jensen was my favorite for today’s quote.

Do you have a motto or creed that as an artist you live by ?

Alice Neel said, “The will of the devil” – that you really have to have the will of the devil.  And yet at the same time , you have to let the paintings lead you. You really have to let them have a life of their own.  You really have to make it a life force, and a lot of times you feel like you are being dragged by a team of wild dogs and that the paintings will take you someplace. I don’t think artists dream up art when they’re children, even though a lot of creative inspiration comes from childhood.  Artists are people who go in a  room everyday, let the art drag them a little further, and then sitting back twenty years later say, “How did I get here?” You’ve made this whole other world. You know, there was no idea of what heaven and hell used to look like.  Artists made the idea of what heaven and hell looked like.  We have the same kind of job today.  We’re making these worlds that no one ever dreamed of , yet they are very real. They come from reality.

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