Art Quote of the Day

“In America, or in any country, greatness in art will not be attained by the possession of canvases in palatial museums, by the purchase and bodily owning of art.  The greatness can only come by the art spirit entering into the very life of the people, not as a thing apart, but as the greatest essential of life to each one.. It is to make every life productive of light – a spiritual influence.  It is to enter government and the whole material existence as the essential influence, and it alone will keep government straight, end wars and strife , do away with material greed.

When America is an art country, there will not be three or five or seven arts, but there will be the thousands of arts- or the one art, the art of life manifesting itself in every work of man, be it painting or whatever. We will then have to give in kind for what we get . And every person will be a true enrichment to the other.

Any step toward such an end is a step toward human happiness, a sane and wholesome existence.  Much will come of the effort. There will be failures as well as successes, but if the strong desire exists both conditions will serve as experience in progress.”

THE ART SPIRT, by Robert Henri

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